Victim Assistance Program

Dear friends,

Most of us grew up in a country that was more or less free of crime. However, crime of some kind now reaches into practically every neighborhood. A brief scan of the news shows that this trend is increasing.

At the same time, traditional values are eroding (not surprisingly), and the "help your neighbor" mentality, or just basic empathy, seems to be eroding also.

Had your home burglarized or vandalized? "Well, insurance will take care of that." Even so, no one seems to notice your costs in deductibles or your time recovering from this loss but you.

Been the victim of a violent crime? "Well, you should have known better than (favorite excuse here)."

Worse, crime victims will often have vultures begin circling around them, from security system salesmen who scan police reports looking for prospects who will pay inflated prices in their time of crisis, or other criminals looking for easy targets. In some cases, these vultures come in unexpected forms.

Here is an example from our own experience. A while back, one of our facilities was burglarized (before we started making security system products), and our web hosting provider had information which could be used to build a case against the perpetrators. Now, we had used this hosting company for over a decade, and were paying higher prices than we could find elsewhere. Normally, if we needed something fixed, or some data found, they seemed happy to do it. But after our burglary, they now wanted to charge us fees to run a simple report on their servers, and almost seemed happy now at our misfortune.

We are not going to treat our customers the same way, which is why we started our Victim Assistance Program.

Been victimized by crime? Then send us a copy of the police report (with inappropriate information such as birthdays, SSNs, driver's license numbers, or other personal details scrubbed), and we will give you a 50% discount off the retail price of any of our security system products.

Use the form below to start the process of qualifying for this discount and to receive instructions on how to send us the police report, and we'll help you get back on your feet, stronger than you were before.

Stay safe.

SoftBaugh's Stronghold Team

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